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Life at college is good! I'm gradually making friends and avoiding the mistakes that I made the first time around. I'm starting a D&D group on campus this Saturday--extremely excited about that; will keep you apprised.

I'm on my third playthrough of Mass Effect 2, which is probably a record for any videogame. It's surprising how much depth this game has to it. Okay, that's enough filler to get the numbered list below the icon so it won't screw up the formatting. Here's the meat of this post:

  1. Paragon Points are valuable. There are a limited number of opportunities out there to do good. Each time you make a difference for good, doing so becomes easier, and greater deeds come into reach. (The opposite is also true.) Take those opportunities. Search them out. Even doing a tiny little positive deed that no-one will ever notice will make you that much a better person. You get XP for everything.

  2. The world is dark for a reason. One of the great questions that Christians have struggled with for such a long time is "if God is all-powerful, why does he allow evil?" I've thought about it a lot and I think I've come up with a viable answer. The world is dark to give us the opportunity to do good.

    There wouldn't be a story about Commander Shepard if the galaxy wasn't under threat. The threat he faces is too big for him to solve on his own, but in cooperation with the right people, it can be overcome. The world is dark because it is in need of heroes; without that darkness, the heroes would have nothing to do.

  3. Carry a heavy pistol, a sniper rifle, and a grenade launcher with you every time you leave your home. I mean, that's just basic common sense. There could be space zombies--you never know.



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Oct. 15th, 2010 05:11 am (UTC)
I'm doing my Renegade playthrough of ME2 right now. Lesson: being anti-hero (not gonna say evil because I don't think Renegade is evil, it's just... cut-throat) makes me feel like a jerk a lot of the time.

But it's also often hilarious. >.>

-anyway, nattering aside, this is a good post and you should feel good.

edit: oh, uh, and I'm also glad college is going well, and awesome at finding a gaming group! I'd love to find one but being well out of college - and shy - makes it a challenge.

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Oct. 15th, 2010 10:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you. You are very kind. ^_^

I'm also doing a Renegade playthrough; I'm trying to make him kind of a Han Solo-type antihero, which means I end up splitting him between Paragon and Renegade so he's not very effective with either. >.> Oh well. It's no surprise that somebody made a YouTube video of all the best Renegade reactions and titled it "Commander Shepard Is Such A Jerk."
Oct. 15th, 2010 10:53 pm (UTC)
Finding a good gaming group is hard. One can often be found by using online tools like meetup.com and by visiting gaming stores, but you're pretty much taking luck of the draw for the kind of people you'll meet. Introverted geeks like us have a hard enough time finding good friends in general, much less friends with specific interests, which is why I think introducing friends to the games we like is a good idea. :-) This is also why online gaming and play-by-post games have found such popularity, as they lift the geographic boundaries out of the way. I hope you're able to find a group you like at some point!

That reminds me, my last D&D group had one guy attend regularly, via webcam, from Czechoslovakia! We set up the webcam with a tripod and a microphone, and he described where he wanted us to move his figurine on the table. He was actually our most proactive roleplayer. Skype had a habit of disconnecting every half hour or so for the first few sessions, but once we got the tech working properly, everything went fine and he became a valued member of the team. It was pretty awesome!
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